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Empathising with elderly in workplace

We Are Older Than 50 - SO WHAT?

The total population in Germany has reached 82 million in 2018, and 21% of which (17 million people) are over the age of 65. The high... Read More

Intergenerational Play Space

The Future of Intergenerational Play Space in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is always being regarded as a concrete jungle. Yet, not many people realized that urban parks are actually close to us.... Read More

Empathising with elderly in workplace

“Grow as You Age: A Platform for the Elderly"

According to the 2018 census of the Taichung City Government, 12% of the population in the Wuri District are over 65 years old. Seeing... Read More

Empathising with elderly in workplace

Youthfulness is not about age, it's about the mindset

EverYoung│ Seoul Sexism and ageism are rampant in South Korean, resulting in adiscriminative opportunity for education. The effect is... Read More