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“One from Hundred Thousand” —  a series of participatory symposia and workshops open to the public to collect views on social issues, facilitate discussion and co-create solutions. JCDISI names the platform as “One from Hundred Thousand” based on the belief that if one person from every 100,000 people (i.e. 70+ persons from the 7 million+ population of Hong Kong) can sit together and contribute their time, passion, knowledge and creativity, they can innovate solutions for a specific problem.

Current Season

Intergenerational Community in a Vertical City

Season 7: Intergenerational Community in a Vertical City

Jul 2020

High-density compact city may not necessarily promote beneficiary community interaction. Hong Kong is in the trend of “Double Ageing” where...

Past Season

Transitional Social Housing – Deliver with Expediency & Decency

Season 6: Transitional Social Housing – Deliver with Expediency & Decency

Apr 2020

Following the Season 1 Transitional Social Housing Symposium, this season aims to explore further on the issue of... Read More

Re-imagine Elderly Centres

Season 5: Re-imagine Elderly Centre

Nov 2019

We believe “Active Ageing” can help keeping elderlies healthy, enhancing their knowledge, and building social... Read More

Intergenerational Play Space

Season 4: Intergenerational Play Space

Jul 2019

Remember the feeling of never wanting to leave the playground?  When was the last time you played with somebody... Read More

Education for a complex future

Season 3: Education for a Complex Future

Apr 2019

Educators have a crucial role in society. Facing an unpredictable future, education inevitably requires a shift to cope... Read More

Empathising with elderly in workplace

Season 2: Empathising with elderly in workplace

Jan 2019

As the population ages and life expectancy increases, The Hong Kong workforce is also ageing. The Government estimates... Read More

Transitional Social Housing

Season 1: Transitional Social Housing

Oct 2018

In light of the pressing need for housing provision and poverty alleviation, this Season’s Symposium aims to (1)... Read More