Type: Action Project
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  • For further information about the co-design process and user opinions of Recycling Trolley, , Please check out the short video, https://www.polyujcsoinno.hk/zh/topics-zh/s2/trolley, images/content/programme/Action-Project/S2_Trolley/thumbnail.png, 1
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Many grassroots elders in Hong Kong salvage recyclable materials from waste for meagre income in order to survival. They make significant contributions to the recycling industry, yet they are usually neglected by the society.

Themed on “Empathizing with Elderly in Workplace” for Season 2 of “PolyU Jockey Club ‘Operation SOINNO’”, Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation supports a Public Co-design Team at an Action Project to re-design the work trolleys which are commonly used by waste pickers. The newly designed trolley is installed with bell, brake, warning flashlights, as well as a pair of roller tracks for lifting up to kerbs. The new design aims to reduce elder waste pickers’ work strains and increase their work safety.

In order to promote the improved design of Recycling Trolley, members of the Co-design Team launched a community day and exhibitions on September 11, 2019 for the neighborhood in To Kwa Wan. Waste pickers and concern groups were invited to explore the features of the new “Recycling Trolley”. The neighborhood was very curious and eager to check add-on functions of the recycling trolley. A nanny nearby tried to push it home directly. The scene was warm and interesting!

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