Type: Symposium

High-density compact city may not necessarily promote beneficiary community interaction. Hong Kong is in the trend of “Double Ageing” where population and building stock are ageing simultaneously at rapid speed. The planning and design of community facilities based on population cohort demarcation is no longer suitable. Could Hong Kong as a vertical city provide space for diversified uses within a high-rise building and thus promote the making of vibrant intergenerational community in a vertical form? This season’s “One from Hundred Thousand” social innovation symposium and its co-creation workshops would explore a new model of vertical intergenerational community for Hong Kong. We hope the making of vertical intergenerational community would enable vibrant interaction and co-living across generations to advance the wellbeing of both the elderlies and the youths. This would of course also allow optimal use of Hong Kong’s constrained spatial resources.

Co-creation Workshop

15-02-2020 (Sat): 9:30am-5pm
22-02-2020 (Sat): 9:30am-5pm


14-03-2020 (Sat): 9:30am-1:30pm

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HKYWCA Jockey Club Social Service Building
G/F, 5 Man Fuk Road
Waterloo Road Hill