Type: Symposium

Following the Season 1 Transitional Social Housing Symposium, this season aims to explore further on the issue of efficient delivery of the transitional social housing (TSH). Through a comprehensive and easy-to-follow project planning workshop, concerned NGOs are enabled and equipped with basic technical competency for the implementation of TSH projects. In the whole process of implementing TSH projects, how can different sectors of our society strive to facilitate the local delivery of TSH, in order to alleviate the pressing housing needs of the grassroots? Welcome to join the Season 6 Symposium and explore together.

Date: 8/7/2020

Format: Zoom

The registration link will be disclosed soon

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Project Planning Workshop for Transitional Social Housing

Date: 25/5/2020, 26/5/2020 & 27/5/2020

Time: 2-5pm

Format: Zoom

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