Type: Symposium

Professional Category Public Voting 

Please select your favourite design scheme. The design scheme with the most votes in EACH category will be awarded the "Most Voted Award" certificate. You may vote ONCE in the Professional Category and ONCE in the University Category

Voting Mechanism: Online Public Voting x50% + Vote from PG residents x50% = Total Vote

Public Voting Rules

  • Vote will not be counted towards the total vote if it has not been submitted before the end of voting period.
  • The result of the public voting will only indicate public interest in any given proposal. Voter shall not guarantee the design will be delivered, and that JC and HKHS shall not be responsible for the subsequence funding.
  • In case there is any dispute, the competition organiser reserves the rights of final decision.

“Under the Same Roof” - Connected Intergenerational Play Space
Imagine with Senses - The Play Space of Serendipity
crXscape Park at Prosperous Garden
Ripple - Theater of Life
Play Space ALIVE
Thank you for your vote. 感謝您的投票。