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  • Department of Applied Social Sciences_Building a Resilient Family: Implications for Carer Support, , , https://www.polyujcsoinno.hk/images/content/programme/S13/symposium/03-Dr_Leung_Family_Resilience.pdf, images/content/programme/S13/symposium/Dr_Janey_Leung.jpg, ,
  • School of Design_Integrated Model of Care for Community Design: Case Studies, , , https://www.polyujcsoinno.hk/images/content/programme/S13/symposium/04-Dr_Yang_Integrated_Model_compressed.pdf, images/content/programme/S13/symposium/Dr_Aira_Yang.jpg, ,
  • Care for Carer Platform_"Giving You an Hour": How to connect the carers in the gap of their working times?, , , https://www.polyujcsoinno.hk/images/content/programme/S13/symposium/05-Care_for_Carers_1hour_metime_compressed.pdf, images/content/programme/S13/symposium/Care_for_Carers.jpg, ,
  • Big Silver Community Limited_ "Carer Garden" Virtual Easy Talk, , , https://www.polyujcsoinno.hk/images/content/programme/S13/symposium/06-Big_Silver_Carer_Gardenpdf_compressed.pdf, images/content/programme/S13/symposium/Big_Silver.jpg, ,
  • TALK Foundation Limited, Love V Act_"Informal Communication Network": How to establish mutual trust in a support group?, , , https://www.polyujcsoinno.hk/images/content/programme/S13/symposium/07-Love_V_Act_Informal_Communication_Network_compressed-.pdf, images/content/programme/S13/symposium/Connie.jpg, ,
  • H.K.S.K.H. Lady MacLehose Centre_"Be My TimeMate" Community Project, , , https://www.polyujcsoinno.hk/images/content/programme/S13/symposium/08-Lady_MacLehose_Be_My_Timematepdf_compressed.pdf, images/content/programme/S13/symposium/be_my__timemate.jpg, ,
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Social Innovation Symposium || "Call for Ideas" Programme | Downloads | FAQs || Enquiry


Hong Kong is a rapidly ageing society - it is becoming more common for an elderly to take care of another elderly. On the other hand, since schools were suspended and non-emergency rehabilitation services were largely reduced under the pandemic, students and people with disabilities had to stay at home which in turn exerted huge pressure on carers. Coupled with tragedies concerning family carers from time to time, the hardship faced by carers has attracted attention from various sectors once again.

“Carer” is an identity which all of us may pursue, be it intentional or unintentional. We may need to take care of our relatives or friends and become a carer at any moment. So, when we are carers, what kind of assistance will we need? When we are not carers, how can we utilise our expertise, strengths, knowledge and network to support the family carers in the community?

This season in our Symposium, we hope to start a dialogue about Carers, arouse public awareness on their needs and community support, with the aim to innovate services for them and relieve their caring burden.


DATE | January 7, 2022 (FRI)

TIME | 10:00-13:00 ; 14:00-17:00*

VENUE | 13/F, Jockey Club Innovation Tower (Block V), PolyU

FORMAT | Face-to-face (Full Day) / Online Webinar (AM only)

* According to the latest COVID-19 situation and the tightening social distancing measures announced by the Government, please note the Symposium will be switched online only; while the Design Thinking Workshop in the afternoon will be cancelled.


* Free of Charge. Event details may change subject to the latest COVID-19 measures.


Symposium Rundown

10:00-13:00 | Keynote Speech on Carer issue, Briefing on "Call for Ideas" Programme

14:00-17:00 | Design Thinking Experience Workshop (for on-site participants only)



 【Keynote】The Policy Vision to Carer Support  

Guest Speaker


guest dp Hector T

Prof. Hector TSANG
Cally Kwong Mei Wan Professor in Psychosocial Health, Chair Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences and Head,
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Keynote Title: The Policy Vision to Carer Support

Panel Discussion 1】Capacity Building of Carers on Personal, Family and Community Level 

Moderator: Prof. Hector TSANG Wing-hong


guest dp Ada F

Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Social Sciences, PolyU

Psychological Capacity Building of Carers in Community

guest dp Janet L

Dr Janet LEUNG
Associate Professor, Department of Applied Social Sciences, PolyU

Building a Resilient Family: Implications for Carer Support

guest dp Aria Y

Dr Aria YANG
Research Assistant Professor, School of Design, PolyU

Integrated Model of Care for Community Design: Case Studies



Panel Discussion 2Service Innovation - Let Carers be Seen  


guest dp Raymond L

Moderator: Mr LAI Kwan Ho, Raymond

Business Director
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service


guest dp platform2

Miss WONG Lok Yung & Mr CHUNG Sai Cheong
Representatives, Care for Carer Platform

"Giving You an Hour": How to connect the carers
in the gap of their working times?


guest dp Christina L

Ms Christina LO
Project Director, Big Silver Community Limited

 "Carer Garden" Virtual Easy Talk



guest dp Connie H

Ms Connie Hung
Programme Coordinator/ Chairperson, Management Committee
TALK Foundation Limited, Love V Act

"Informal Communication Network":
How to establish mutual trust in a support group?


guest dp Kyle S

Mr Si Sze Ming
Team Leader, Group & Community Work Unit,
H.K.S.K.H. Lady MacLehose Centre

"Be My TimeMate" Community Project


Register Symposium Now 




"Call for Ideas" Programme

We believe the caring responsibility should not be borne solely by the carers. There are many enthusiastic groups or people in the community with expertise, capacity and knowledge that can become an important force in the community to support family carers. Therefore, we, co-operating with The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), are orgainising the Community Support for Carers: “Call for Ideas” Programme. In realising innovative ideas, we aspire to improve carer’s situation and build a more carer-friendly community!

We (JCDISI & HKCSS) are going to select 6-9 teams to participate in co-creation workshops. Throughout the workshops, we will provide design thinking training and professional support for selected teams to verify their service ideas and modify their action plans. After the co-creation workshops, we will further select three outstanding teams to enter the Action Project stage, assisting them in the implementation of carer service plans within a one-year period by providing them support such as in financial, programme design and community liaison.

registration form draft 06  registration form draft 07  registration form draft 08 registration form draft 09

Themes for "Call for Ideas" Programme

It is common in our society to assume caring responsibility as the obligations of certain family members, mostly the female in the family. For this reason, many women take up the role as “carers” and sometimes overlook their personal well-being, namely physical, mental, social and spiritual needs.

How might we visualise carers’ situation, so that carers themselves can be more conscious of their own needs, and different stakeholders in the community can identify and understand carers, thereby provide them with suitable community support?

Unprepared freshman carers handling the sudden caring responsibility may feel extra helpless when unable to locate suitable community resources and services; experienced carers may need extra support in going through the grief when family member passes away; carers for persons with disability are both physically and mentally exhausted… Carers at different stages and carers of persons with different conditions differ in their needs. How might we tailor community support to enhance the accessibility of information, mental support and mutual support network for different carers?

One of the major difficulties faced by family carers is that they have to take care of the family member around the clock, meaning there is no room for resting or fulfilling their own needs. How might we connect community resources and strengthen the support to carers provided by various stakeholders (such as merchants, property management units), so as to create a physical space for carers to take a break, or help carers spare some time from their usual schedule for a breath?


Register "Call for Ideas" Programme Now


download Application Guidelines

download Preliminary Proposal Template


The main applicant of the team must belong to one of the following types of organization:

i. Charitable institutions of a public character, which are exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance; OR
ii. Social enterprises included in SE Directory; OR
iii. Self-help Organisations of Persons with Disabilities / Chronic Illnesses received SWD funding support under a 2-year time-defined “Financial Support Scheme for Self-help Organisations of Persons with Disabilities / Chronic Illnesses (2020-2022)”

Other team members could belong to any organizations registered under Hong Kong’s Societies Ordinance (e.g. charity organizations, social enterprises, non-profit organizations, etc.).


No. We encourage the team to consist of members from different professions or different backgrounds, for example, service users such as caregivers could be one of the team members.


No. Targets of the preliminary proposal include all kinds of unpaid family carers.


The action project will be carried out and implemented in the name of the main applicant’s organization.


No. Staff costs in any format are not supported, nor expenses unrelated to the action project. All expenses should follow JCDISI’s funding principle, and the maximum amount would not exceed HKD 200,000. Should there be any dispute, the organisers reserve the rights for the final decision.


After the completion of the year-long action project, if appropriate, the organizers may assist the team to explore opportunities to scale up the project.


Yes, JCDISI would also hire a design consultancy firm to assist the team in service development. We welcome cooperation and knowledge transfer between professionals from different sectors.


The assessment criteria are as below:

Scoring Items Percentage Description
Social Impact 30% Whether carers could be benefited from the initiatives; raise public’s awareness in carer issue; mobilize more stakeholders to pay attention to carer issue.
Feasibility  30% Comprehensive idea with clear focus and aim, relevant to the main theme(s), appropriate allocation of resources, sustainable, etc.
Innovativeness  20% Solution(s) from a fresh angle, or using new approach/technique; identification of new service gap or pain point, etc.
Team Capability  20% Whether the team is knowledgeable about the carer issue, the team’s relevant experiences, etc.






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